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Kathimerina Fotografia: 268, 269, 270 & 271

In Kathimerina Fotografia, Photography, Reverb on October 10, 2010 at 8:25 pm

September 25: More Reverb photo shoots. I wasn’t supposed to shoot this show initially, but the original photographer had to back out, so I stepped in. One of the great things about these Reverb shows is meeting photographers from other outlets who are likewise covering it. On this particular night, I met someone who shoots for a paper in Boulder. We chatted for a while before the show, and between acts, and it was quite inspiring to discuss technique and share ideas about our craft. This world of photography can get quite competitive in many ways, but I’ve found that more often than not, fellow photographers are really open to sharing a bit of themselves and their passion for this art with other like-minded individuals. It’s an uplifting experience.

September 26: Doesn’t he look wary? I’d like to think his pretty worldly too. Sputnik and my mom brought this guy back from Canada when they went to the great white north in August. Nothing like a sea captain to make you think about the world.

Or something.

OK, I’m just making stuff up now.

September 27: I was witness to a UFO landing late last month. Luckily I had my camera with me and could snap up this photo real quick like.

What? That’s not at all believable and you really think this is probably just a light fixture at a tavern in Denver?

Oh, well, all right then.

Still, kind of a cool color, right?

September 28: This particular K.F. post is just a sandwich made with two Reverb shoots for bread. (How’s that for an analogy?) This show – Local Natives and the Love Language – took place at the Fox theatre in Boulder. I have never shot a show with better lighting. I loved this lighting. Like really loved it. This is serious business. The whole evening was rife with opportunity to back light images (as seen here), and to get nice and close in order to capture this kind of shot.

I think it’s safe to say this was my favorite Reverb assignment to date.


Kathimerina Fotografia: 263, 264, 265, 266 & 267

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September 20: The first day back in Colorado (from NYC) brought rain, and cloudy skies and this scene from the 10th floor of the building I work at. It’s just a glass table, but the light sparkled oh so prettily.

There are small things so often overlooked in life because they seem mundane and silly. I say if something catches your eye, take a moment to look closer. And maybe make a picture out of it.

September 21: I found a Big Thoughts desk! Someone threw this little treasure out a few weeks back and I rescued it on a rainy day trek back from work. (Rain has been a general theme this week…)

This fellow is imperfect, but sturdy. It needs some refinishing work and some tweaking to fix a few flaws, but otherwise, I’m pretty excited. At last, a place to sit and have big thoughts; to write and recollect; to nurture one’s creativity.

September 22: I’m trying to be a chef. When I lived at home (and therefore had access to television), I would sometimes watch the Food Network and get all inspired to concoct delicious creations. My mother was always excited to have someone willing to cook, so she agreed to pay for all ingredients and clean up afterward if any of us four was willing to play chef.

I think perhaps I didn’t appreciate these allowances enough in the moment.

Because now I have to buy my own groceries, clean my own kitchen, and have no television to be inspired by the Food Network types.

However, I must say that migas (as seen above) is still both cheap and easy to make.

And it tastes delicious!

September 23: Have you ever read Anne of Green Gables? Or seen the movies? There’s one line in which Diana (Anne’s bosom friend), states that she cannot possibly get married before acquiring 37 doilies. Because, naturally, how can one be expected to manage a proper household without at least 37 doilies. Makes sense right?

A few years ago, my family and I were watching this movie and in my oft-ridiculous ways decided that I too couldn’t imagine such a lifestyle.What sort of a wife would I be without the proper collection of doilies?

Well, as they are prone to do, my family decided they ought to humor me. So, when Sputnik and my mom went to Prince Edward Island a few weeks ago and visited Anne’s beloved countryside, they brought me back these two doilies.

Only 35 more to go…

September 24: The Reverb photo taking continues. This is Matt + Kim. They were energetic. The theatre was packed. I nearly got run over by bouncing, jiving audience members.

Business as usual.

Kathimerina Fotografia: 258, 259, 260, 261 & 262

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Hold on to your hats, ladies & gents. I finally went through the myriad of photo files stored away on my computer, organized them (and more importantly, myself), and am now ready to flood this little blog with quite a back log of the K.F. images I’ve been sitting on for the latter half of September. We are getting back on track! It’s October, and I have been remiss in my daily updates here.

All right, ready. Set. Go!

September 15: I left for NYC on this day. I have to admit, however, that this particular image was taken in the early hours of Sept. 16 as the baggage folk were loading stuff up for my flight out of Atlanta (yay for layovers!).

When you get to the airport at 10 p.m. for a 1 a.m. flight and don’t arrive at your final destination until 9:45 a.m. in a city two time zones over from the one you’re used to, your internal clock starts to believe that there really are more than 24 hours in a day. So it seemed fitting that I just pretend September 15 and September 16 merged into one big day for the sake of this photo. We’ll call it, September Fifteen-point-47/J day.

Yep, that makes sense.

September 16: I did however, after two flights and an hour layover in Atlanta, eventually, make it to this location, a train platform. This was the train that would safely deliver me to Penn Station, in Manhattan. From there, my travels would continue along a few more trains and subways, cars, through a tornado, and to my final destination of the day.

Mood at the moment I snapped this photo: sleepy, with a touch of exhilaration and in great need of more coffee.

September 17: It was here, to this little warehouse turned art gallery, turned performance space in Brooklyn, NY, that I was ultimately heading. My friends were putting on a musical that they had created from scratch. Well, mostly from scratch. The premise of their musical was based on the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. But what they created from that was something all together new and inspiring, and all their own.

The space itself, 17 Frost, is a character all its own. I mean, check out that paint job.

September 18: The cast warms up before the third running of the musical. I love me a little behind-the-scenes action. Carly (gray tank top, back to us in this image), asked me to take some photos of the musical that night. She and her husband were the co-creators of this musical; he wrote the script and directed it, she wrote the music and acted in it.

It’s collaborations like this that really make you want to find such a team to work with yourself. I was inspired and touched by the entire experience.

September 19: And to close of this New York edition of the K.F. campaign, a classic sort of icon. The first time I saw the Empire State Building, I was floored by its grandiosity and sheer size. Now, every time I visit New York, I make a point of getting a glimpse of it. It’s my favorite building in the city.

It forces you to realize that we are capable of so much.